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How It Works

This section provides valuable context on the underlying technology and processes that enable the Milkomeda C1 EVM Sidechain to operate, as well as the benefits it provides to developers and the Cardano ecosystem as a whole. By exploring these sections, users can dive deeper into the innovative technology that powers the Milkomeda C1 EVM Sidechain, discover the potential for auto-delegation of ADA to stake pools for effortless returns, explore the flexibility of using Solidity and other smart contract languages for development.

Additionally, they can learn about the base asset for fees and gas, the ability to call and use smart-contracts on the sidechain from the Cardano mainnet via new technology called wrapped smart contracts, and the potential for using Milkomeda to act as bridges to other L1 blockchains in the future. This knowledge can help users make informed decisions about the suitability of the Milkomeda C1 EVM Sidechain for their use case.