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Obtaining Test ADA

Now we’re ready to get some test ADA from the Cardano testnet faucet.


If you will be using real ADA on the mainnet version of Milkomeda C1, skip this step and proceed to the next page

Within the Flint Wallet window, click "Receive". At the Receive window, click "Copy Address" to copy your Cardano Testnet wallet address to the clipboard, and then click "Testnet faucet (tADA)" at the bottom of the screen, as shown.

This will take you to the following link: Cardano Testnet Faucet

Here, select "tAda" from the dropdown menu and paste your Cardano testnet wallet address into the "Address" field. You can leave the "API Key" field blank.

Complete the Captcha and click "Request funds".

After waiting a few minutes (usually 5 minutes or less), you should be able to see some tADA in your Cardano Testnet wallet.

Next we will set up MetaMask and get an address on the Milkomeda C1 sidechain.