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Milkomeda C1 Overview

Public Endpoints

Milkomeda C1 offers HTTPS and WebSocket endpoints for both Mainnet and Devnet, which are publicly accessible to users and developers.


Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1)


WebSocket RPC URL: wss://

Chain ID: 2001

Currency Symbol: mADA

Block Explorer URL:


Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano Devnet


WebSocket RPC URL: wss://

Chain ID: 200101

Currency Symbol: mTADA

Block Explorer URL:

Bridge & Explorers

Wallets that support C1

  • Flint Wallet - Flint's lightweight and user-friendly design lets you manage your crypto assets and access the world of DeFi with ease.
  • NuFi - Non-custodial wallet for several chains, including Cardano and Milkomeda C1 (+HW wallet support)
  • Metamask - MetaMask is a popular self-custodial wallet. A safe and simple way to access blockchain applications and web3
  • Gnosis Safe - Milkomeda has deployed an instance of Gnosis Safe to both the Milkomeda C1 and A1 networks. This deployment of Safe brings secure and battle-tested, multisig wallet smart contracts to the Milkomeda networks. Check out this guide for more information.

Token Addresses

Milkomeda C1 Mainnet

wADAWrapped ADA0xAE83571000aF4499798d1e3b0fA0070EB3A3E3F9-
multiUSDCUSD Coin0xB44a9B6905aF7c801311e8F4E76932ee959c663CMultichain
ceUSDCUSD Coin0x6a2d262D56735DbA19Dd70682B39F6bE9a931D98Celer
mUSDCUSD Coin0x6a2d262D56735DbA19Dd70682B39F6bE9a931D98Milkomeda MACC
multiUSDTTether USD0x80A16016cC4A2E6a2CACA8a4a498b1699fF0f844Multichain
ceUSDTTether USD0x3795C36e7D12A8c252A20C5a7B455f7c57b60283Celer

For a complete list of tokens that can be transferred between Milkomeda C1 and Cardano, please refer to the following links for both the mainnet and devnet: